Space Hymns

by Aeiou

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The voices that pull us together are not from this world and you know that. They try to extinguish your fire not knowing you live inside. The music you singed then transformed my soul. The cosmos is so small compared with your glowing eyes. Remember you from the future, remember you from the future, remember you from my future. But when she danced she looks maniacal but when she smiles the flashbacks strike me back I don’t know why. ¿Que haces? ¿No entiendes? ¿Como dices que no? ¡Dejate querer! Que no sabia que lo que olvidaba. Cuando bailaba todo el piso se le movia…se me movia.
I am fed up with waking up and having always the same, always the same. I don’t wanna sound like an ungrateful bitch but it’s just the same, but it’s just the same. That is what you said. I think what we are ‘s coffins floating at sea imitating the whales fighting against the storm, that’s what you told me. We always talk about the things that everybody does, but we never philosophize we never do philosophy. I mean think of it…Yes I’ll think of it. I mean why are we here? There must be something. I think what we are ‘s coffins floating at sea, imitating the whales fighting against the storm. That’s what you told me.
Ma femme I love you. My femme I own your time and your love. My femme I own you. Am I funny hun? And I have no home. My femme I ummm. And then I saw a thousand hippos dancing at the Royal Albert Hall. They danced bossa nova rhythms like the phantoms from the southern worlds. One of the lady hippos came and whisper I’ll turn you into a star. Run. Save your lives wake me up from my thoughts they’re supposed to be nice but they’re out of control. Feathers ladies. Why a distinctive young whatever. Lovely eyes you’ve got.
The Skelle-monkeys dance around and sing us lullabies with their empty eyes. The tiki torches of my heart protect you from the dark and the loneliness. Cause I love you, wanna hurt you. What do you care, look at you flair, how would I dare, what would you really die for? Cause I love you, wanna hurt you. The dark night interrupted by volcano reddish lights while I smell your hair. A spark of lava burns your hair and I just find it rare cause you need my care. Cause I love you, wanna hurt you. What do you care, look at you flair, how would I dare, what would you really die for? Tick tick tick tiki torches
What if I tell you I’m not who you think I am? What if I told you there someone else inside? Would that give you the frights? Would that slightly turn you on? Would that break up our trust? Would you think I need a job? What if I told that looking through my eyes someone is watching someone that you don’t know? Would you think its a joke? Would you think I should grow up? Would you ask me to get off your property, in tears? Baby don’t cry of course it is I. Can someone else could tickle like this? Can someone else could trick you like me? Baby don’t cry of-course it is I. Can someone else believe you like this? Can someone else could kiss like me? Ha?
Beautiful snow. I wish we could be walking at the dark. The fairy world we could enjoy my Gothic window shows. Oh darling I’ve built Neuschwanstein for us both. I wanna love love love love love love. You monster you’ve done this with your melodies you make me hate hate hate hate hate hate. Disgusting.
I am leaving all behind the bird accepted my bribe. We escaped in the night and now the sun is coming out. Flying high, this is goodbye. I’m never coming back. You do know what they think about us? You do know that they wanna hang us? Right after I change my name I’ll bury all my memoirs. I’ll delete my finger prints and buy a beauty mark. Flying high, this is goodbye I am never coming back. You do know what they think about us? You do know that they wanna hang us? I’m in the block leaving all behind flying high this is goodbye. Oh, yeah. Oh, si. Vivimos in LA. Don’t call me mijo cause I’m not your son. Call me papito. The papito from the block. Feels like feels like felony.
Papa please go check the roof I’m sure there’s someone there observing from the hole in the roof, hole in the roof. Papa please don’t leave me here I’m sure there’s someone there just waiting for my self to be alone, to be alone. Hello kid, I’ve been watching you, now that your father is gone may I introduce myself? I am not a man. I am an owl. Do not be afraid I am not going to harm you. The cottage looks so warm may I come down and have some tea? Come on down dear Mr. Owl. I somehow knew that I was going to share, chocolate and berry pie are baking in the oven as we speak. The best tea party there will ever be.
Out of the galaxy I work in silent planets, and then I drink alone at the saloon of sadness. The pianola plays the Ziggy Stardust classics. I don’t remember how I ended up as an escort. Go sugar Alien pay me with drawing. Erase and rewind. Re draw my memoirs. The snake told me I was going home. Be careful for what you’re wishing for.
Tirado solo aqui en el piso rodeado de tus crucifjos y mas que una necedad es como una gravedad la cual me obliga a regresar. Y una vez, y una vez aqui en el rancho aprovecho para lo tradicional y estoy llorando al sol.


released June 8, 2011


all rights reserved



Aeiou New York, New York

In Aeiou, Juan Son teams up with Blonde Redhead's Simone Pace to fulfill their idea of transcendental pop music.

Aeiou's style is a beautiful concoction of playful lyricism, Mexican folk, electronic tinkering, and theatrical dance music – the very ingredients that make a truly special pop performance.
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